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Tanglewood Children Series

Madison, Jelly, Anna, and April experience summer camp for the first time. What an adventure.

Tanglewood Children Series

Every neighborhood has one of those annoying, quirky, kids and that is Jelly Douglas.
Jelly sets off to build a dog walking business in order to earn money to buy a special toy. Her nemesis, Riley, learns about the plans and makes it his mission to make Jelly’s life miserable.

Because Of Me
Volume One

It all began in the spring of 1853. Mother and daughter caught up in an accidental murder is now hiding from the Law or be hanged.

Because Of Me
Volume Two

The Callahan’s continue their journey but the rough terrain has affected and destroyed every family, loved ones, and the love triangle currently getting intense.


We welcome all genre. Four published books and going strong.

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